Enter a raffle for a chance to win a whole Haunted House!

Well, here is your chance to get in the haunt business at a bargain
price. At HAuNTcon 2018, Haunt Owner Kurt Rzaca will be raffling off
Scarewolrd Haunted House, a modular 4000 sq ft used haunted house,
presently stored in trailers in Folcroct, PA.

The raffle tickets are $550.00 each, limited to 4 tickets per person.
What someone will win:
    The Scarewolrd, a 4000 sq ft used haunted house
    One 48' and one 52ft tractor trailers
    The Trademark for Scareworld and www.scareworld.com
    Redesigned floor plan to fit the attraction to your building

The winner is responsible for transporting the 2 tractor trailers from
Folcroct, PA to their destination.  The winner has 45 days to pick up and transport 2 tractor trailers.

Tickets are available for sale on site at HAuNTcon 2018, January 12-15
2018 in New Orleans, LA. The raffle drawing will be held during the
Garage Sale at HAuNTcon 2018, you need not be present to win.